Salim Rekaibi, Software Engineer

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Salim Rekaibi

New York, NY NY
Salim Rekaibi
+1 323 906 7263

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6 June, 2016 - PRESENT

Senior Software Engineer - Full Time

 Justworks - New York

- Backend Engineer + Devops

5 May, 2014 - 3 June, 2016

Software Engineer - Full Time

 Buzzfeed - New York

- Backend Engineer working on the Buzzfeed Web App

1 June, 2011 - 2 May, 2014

Senior Software Engineer - Full Time

 The New York Times - New York

- Redesigned the commenting platform
- Migrated APIs from REST framework to Yii framework
- Implemented Elastic Search as an indexing engine for our comments and modified the APIs to interact with it for comment retrieval and searching.
- Working towards redesign of the moderation tool and the DB/APIs
- Maintaining the Beta620 cluster for deploying internal projects
- Test Driven Development

5 October, 2009 - 1 June, 2011

Software Engineer - Full Time

 The New York Times - New York

- Working primarily with web technologies (mainly JavaScript and PHP)
- Python for heavy data extraction, transformation and reports.
- Lots of MySQL stored procedure work as well as optimization of queries.
- Developed front-end caching for the web site, a moderation interface as well as the new commenting system which allows for infinite level commenting (implemented as a nested tree)
- UI work in jQuery
- Lots of exposure to Amazon Web Services.
- Linux environment.
- Agile methodology (Scrum meetings, JIRA).

- Developed several programs written in JAVA to extract data from different web locations (ftp, http), using either data extraction or screen scrapping then analyzing the data and inserting it into a MySQL database using JDBC.
- Worked with large amount of data (data goes several years back for every 30 minutes)
- Created a custom Google Maps solution to draw regions and extract data based on those regions. Written in Javascript using the Google Maps API
- Created a program to extract data from netcdf file (Network common data form).
- Environment is Linux mainly, working with MATLAB on windows XP.

1 September, 2008 - 1 June, 2009

Java / Web Developer - Part Time Consulting

 Investio - New York

- Developed a high traffic Financial data analysis system
- Using matlab for analysis algorithms
- Optimization and replication of the databases
- Load balancing of the servers
- Working with very large amounts of data (Millions of records per table)
- Generating profit and loss data and charts
- Portfolio management system (to watch a particular stock, have alerts sent to your email)
- Developed an Investio API to allow people to use our interface to get data and signals for any stock.
- Worked with Java, JBOSS, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, CSS, xml, XAMP server, Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing servers, under linux environment.

1 March, 2005 - 29 February, 2008

Web Developer - Part Time and Full Time

 IDSIDE - Paris, France

- Design, develop and test web sites for clients
- Created custom CMS interfaces to manage content of websites
- Technologies included Flash, ActionScript 2.0 - 3.0, ajax, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, javascript
- Linux and windows environment (mainly linux)



Stevens institute Of Technology
 New Jersey, USA
Masters degree in Management of Information Systems, Computer Science Concentration


European Institute of Technology (EPITECH)
 Paris, France
Masters degree in Computer Science


European Institute of technology /
American University of Paris
 Paris, France
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Unix / Linux 7/10
MySQL 8/10
PHP 8/10
Java 7/10
C / C++ 7/10
Bash 7/10
 Arabic 10/10
 Spanish 7/10
 Portuguese 6/10
Javascript, jQuery 9/10
Elastic Search 7/10
Python 7/10
Perl 7/10
 Japanese 4/10