Salim Rekaibi, Software Engineer

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Salim Rekaibi

New York, NY
Salim Rekaibi


NetCDF Extractor

Utility to extract data from large Netcdf files (> 1 GB) over the network. Raised several problems of speed, load balancing, and optimization. Technologies used are Perl, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Google Maps. Environment is Linux Fedora.

High traffic web site delivering stock information and stock predictions, portfolio management, alert subscription. Large amount of data, raised several issues such as speed of data retrieval and presentation, MySQL optimization and replication, load balancing of the servers. Technologies used are JAVA, PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Flash, AJAX. Environment is Linux on Amazon EC2 Cloud computing servers.


ShareIT offers a solution allowing for several users to work on the same document in real time on Office suites. Each user can work on a specific part of the document while following the modifications added by other users. Works on Microsoft Office and Open office. This was a 2 years project, the Microsoft office part was developed in C#, the Open office part in JAVA with a server in CORBA.

Zia Web Server

Zia is a web server written in C++ based on the Apache model. (modules, cgi, ssl…)


Zappy is a multiplayer real time game based on a server-client architecture written in C and openGL.


A 2D PC game written in C.


A client – server Othello game written in C, C embed, and Perl TK / GTK.


A Gomoku game integrating artificial intelligence written in C.

Project Hoshimi

Imagin Cup Competition :  creating a strategy that represents the behavior of a team of robots moving on earth to cure it written in C# and integrating several artificial intelligence concepts. (Shortest path, A*…)


Epithriller is a 3D video game for PC written in C++ using the RENDERWARE library. The game includes several characters, weapons, missions and it was based on the idea of the famous videogame“RESIDENT EVIL”.

Universal Solver

The objective of the project is to design and implement a universal optimization problem solver. The idea is to have a tool allowing automatic resolution of optimization problem described by a set of constraints and on or more optimization function.

Using one or several techniques of resolution, such as simplex method, Genetic algorithm and Artificial Neural Networks, the Universal solver is able to solve any problem with no restriction (or a very lazy) on variables number and/or functions and constraints description. This project was written in JAVA.

AIA Automate

Application for automatization of different installations and configurations on both windows and Linux servers (IBM AIX). Technologies used are JAVA, C#, .NET, ASP, ORACLE databases, Bash scripting, Perl.

New York Times Community Hub

Designed and created a community hub (interface/dashboard to view a users commenting activity on the New York Times web site) which won the NYTimes Publisher Award for Technology.


Elastic Search Comment Indexing

Implemented ElasticSearch to index comments at The New York Times, and make them searchable, and modified the APIs to use elasticsearch for comment retrieval.